press releases / Presse spoke to Jeanette Eulberg, wife of assistant coach Frank Eulberg, who is in South Africa visiting from Germany. They have two daughters, Sophie (7) and Gianna (18) is presently completing her final year of high school, Sophie though has accompanied her mother to South Africa. How long have you been in South Africa?

Jeanette Eulberg: I have been here for ten days now. This is my fifth time in the country. It is lovely here because the weather is exquisite and Johannesburg is a great town- you even have forests in the city. There is also a lot to do here, I really enjoy visiting here. What do you think about South Africa?

JE: The nature is here is beautiful. And of course there is great shopping. There is plenty to do. And the weather is so great you can play outside sports like tennis and golf. It’s not as easy to tee off in Germany. And of course, the people here are so friendly. What is life like, living apart from Frank?

JE: It is not so easy for us. We see each other for six weeks, eight weeks. I try and come here in June or September and Frank comes to Germany when it is possible. Coaching was his chosen career path and as a family we support him whole-heartedly. Is Frank Football crazy?

JE: He is very crazy about football. In fact, we met for the first time in stadium, it was our first date.

Frank Eulberg: Don’t let my wife fool you. The advantage about my wife is that she also loves football and has a lot of knowledge about football because sometimes it is very good for me that we can talk about football. And we see football matches and can enjoy it together. So you must have seen some World Cup games?

JE: Yes, I saw many games. I was lucky enough to be at the World Cup and saw some games in the stadiums. I saw Argentina and Ivory Coast- that was a very good day. And Germany and Ecuador in Berlin. Who were you supporting in World Cup?

JE: Ahh, Germany (laughs). Did you support any other teams?

JE: No, I don’t think so. Germany did so well. FE: Impossible to support anyone else. Only if African teams were playing, then we supported them. Especially for me, because I am coaching on the continent. You seem very supportive of Germany. Rumour is that you were pregnant during the World Cup in France 1998.

JE: Yes (laughs). I saw the Germany match against the Croatia.

FE: Frank: She is being modest. She went with a big stomach to the match. It was Germany against Croatia in the quarterfinals. Unfortunately Germany lost. She was pregnant with Sophie then. So Sophie is a football fan too?

FE: who do you support Sophie?

Sophie Eulberg: Kaizer Chiefs

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